About Us

Aquacon Systems is a firm dealing in electronics since last fifteen years. We are manufacturing and installing automation systems since then. We are into manufacturing of automatic water level control systems – Aquatech, for domestic, institutional and industrial applications. Water level controller is not a mere device that controls the pump according to level of source and storage tank, but it is an energy saving device also. It saves water from overflowing and avoids unnecessary running of pump. It also avoids dry running of the pump. In this way, it saves water and electricity.

We have our associates, dealers & distributors at Mumbai, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Jabalpur & Varanasi. As a team, we work together to provide solutions for pump automation.

We have good track record of successful installations and after sales service in the market. With our products and services, we have earned goodwill of our customers. We along with our representatives, always make every effort to keep our customer satisfied. Our strength is that our product is field tested since 15 years and we have number of satisfied customers. We have installed Aquatech at various possible sites, some of them being very complicated. Thus, we have the experience of various situations and the unit has been field tested on these situations.

The users are always worried of their turn coming ahead to monitor the operation of pump. One has to check the level of water at source, requirement at the overhead tank and then switch on the pump. After switching on the pump one has to check whether the pump is running dry. If everything is okay, one is has to check the reducing level of source and rising level of overhead tank, so that the dry running of pump or the overflow at OHT do not occur.

Considering all the parameters are monitored efficiently by someone as efficiently as a robot can, but how long the efficiency would last is the question. Moreover it is the human tendency to forget or relax, which ultimately may cause wastage of water and electricity. Also the time being spent on such activity is very important, which can be saved by AQUATECH.